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Skill training to achieve competency in bowel management

3B Scientific GmbH

The newly launched skill trainer for bowel care & enema administration “P16” by 3B Scientific has been developed to help trainees in gaining confidence and essential knowledge required to effectively support patients in normalizing their bowel function.

The P16 is the ideal simulator to demonstrate and train the following procedures:
  • Enema administration: cleansing, oil-retention, return-flow, medicated Enemas
  • Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and Stimulation (DRS)
  • Digital Removal of Faeces (DRF)
  • Suppositories administration
  • Medication administration
The design of the skill trainer combines a realistic anatomy with a technical set up that enables quick and easy installations for each procedure. It is suitable for instructor led training, student self-directed learning as well as for presentations in distance learning.

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Watch this quick video to learn more about bowel management procedure training with the P16: