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Whether you are teaching auscultation to your class in person or remotely, SAM Online® provides a central platform for instructors and teachers to create lessons tailored to their curriculum. The platform also includes a training management system to track students’ progress at any time.

SAM Online® gives your students and instructors access to the extensive simulated sounds library by Cardionics with more than 80 simulated auscultation sounds including heart, lung, bowel and bruit sound. You will find lesson guides for over 60 conditions including all basic information needed to learn to understand the different auscultation sounds and tools to chart the learning progress. The comprehensive sound library and the instructor aid make SAM Online® suitable for every level of auscultation training.

The interactive online auscultation-training platform SAM Online® is more than an auscultation training platform; it is an entire training management system, which is very well thought through for both teachers and students alike.

You can access your auscultation training management system everywhere and at any time. SAM Online® gives teachers a course planning and collaboration tool to assign lessons to students and track their progress easily.

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