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The 3B Scientific Physics Autumn Sale is here! With more than 100 physics experiments and products in its range, 3B Scientific offers your students a chance to enhance their learning of physics and its concepts using a variety of intriguing hands-on experiments. Are you looking to equip your physics lab with experiments that enables you to demonstrate to your students theories in a simple and efficient manner?

Make learning oscillations, waves and sounds and acoustics theories fun and simple!

Choose from our wide range of physics experiments and products collection to inspire your student’s by giving them an engaging hands-on experience in understanding various theories. For example:

Ripple Tank: Using our ripple tank, teach students by easily demonstrating and investigating properties of waves using the example of waves in water. This shallow tank allows them to generate both circular and straight waves in the tank by means of localized oscillations in air pressure. It has an LED lighting system illuminating the ripple tank from above and an inclined mirror which projects the waves onto a viewing screen underneath the tank making it a great choice for your physics lab.

Chaldni Plates: Learning sound waves with our experiment is straightforward. In this, the plates are excited with a vibration generator connected to a function generator. This allows a fine adjustment of the frequencies. Also with Chladni, vibration is visualized, which is very impressive and therefore represents a high didactic value and giving students a comprehensive learning experience

Harmonic Oscillation of a String Pendulum: With an objective to measure the period of oscillation of a string pendulum with bobs of various masses, this interesting experiment is sure to captivate your students’ curiosity and engage them in a productive way.

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The discount is only valid on selected Physics products until 31st of October 2021 and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Country restrictions may apply.
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