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Redefining medical simulation: SimConnect meets today's healthcare training demands!

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In today's rapidly advancing world of medical simulation, the quest for tools that replicate real-world scenarios is more acute than ever. iSimulate, true to its commitment to innovation, has ushered in a momentous change. While REALITi 360 has consistently been a paragon of excellence in medical simulation training, we are now thrilled to introduce its next evolutionary leap: SimConnect. Ingeniously integrating simulated Pulse Oximetry and Respiratory Feedback, SimConnect promises a transformative, hyper-realistic medical training experience.

Why SimConnect?

Spawned from iSimulate's unwavering dedication to breakthroughs, SimConnect enhances the REALITi 360 experience. A redefined interface and workflow await both educators and learners, setting the stage for an elevated, streamlined simulation journey.

Features that reshape training: 

True-to-life physiological simulations: Delve into realistic oxygenation simulations. SimConnect's authentic sensors provide lifelike oxygenation and capnography, immersing students in an engaging training milieu where they sharpen their patient oxygen assessment capabilities with unparalleled precision. 


Precision at your fingertips: Witness the innovation of mobile simulation with real-time, accurate tidal volume data—redefining standards in critical care training. Dynamic Capnography Simulation: With SimConnect, capnography transforms into a tangible experience. Effortlessly project CO2 graph simulations on the REALITi Monitor, enhancing learners' grasp on CO2 management intricacies.

Real-time Ventilation Feedback: Ventilation training metamorphoses with SimConnect's real-time metrics of ventilation rates and manually delivered breath volumes, facilitating learners' mastery via instant feedback. 

Why Integrate SimConnect with REALITi 360?

  • Holistic training: Boasting a plethora of vital signs, waveform data, and patient responses, SimConnect offers a comprehensive training landscape, ensuring learners are armed for the diverse challenges of genuine healthcare settings.
  • Customisable learning modules: Acknowledging the multifaceted nature of learning, SimConnect grants educators the liberty to design scenarios, either from the ground up or leveraging an exhaustive library of pre-designed modules.
  • Unprecedented precision: As a trailblazer in integrated mobile simulation, SimConnect guarantees real-time, pinpoint tidal volume data, cementing its compatibility across manifold manikin models.
  • Seamless user interface: Melding flawlessly with REALITi 360's familiar system, SimConnect ensures an intuitive transition, circumventing steep learning curves.
  • Personalised training paradigms: With an array of customization options and a repository of ready-to-use exercises, training with SimConnect is as adaptive as it is efficient.
  • Always prepared and portable: SimConnect's sleek and compact design ensures it's not just a tool but an essential companion for high-fidelity simulations in any environment, from classrooms to challenging field situations.

To all REALITi 360 enthusiasts keen on discerning the transformative potential of SimConnect, we invite you to delve deeper or reach out to our team for an in-depth demonstration. Meanwhile, stay connected with us for updates on innovative educational tools by following @3BScientific on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X