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Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine - Marnae C. Ergil, Kevin V. Ergi

Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine - Marnae C. Ergil, Kevin V. Ergi, 1003828 [W11933], Acupuncture Books
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A traditional medicine with up-to-date applications, Chinese Medicine is gai-ning steady acceptance throughout the world. In this exquisitely illustrated Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine, written by a renowned team of inter-national experts, readers will find a concise yet comprehensive synopsis of the entire field. From the clinical prac-tice of acupuncture and moxibustion to Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition therapy, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and Tuina, the book offers a deep understanding of the underlying theory, characteristics, and fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine, as well as its philosophical and cultural basis. For those needing a single volume overview of this broad and multifaceted field, this book is unrivalled.


  • Full coverage of the basic tenets of Chinese Medicine, from its historical roots to modern scientific research, methods, and findings
  • Informative chapter on diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  • Practical discussion of Chinese herbs and their usage, including formulas for various common ailments
  • Insights from leading specialists on their respective disciplines
  • Proven pocket atlas format, with double-page spreads and juxtaposition of text and related photographs, drawings, and charts for easy comprehension
  • More than 150 beautifully detailed, full-colour illustrations demonstrating key models

Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine is a must-have resource for students and practitioners of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and complementary medicine, including medical doctors in acupuncture training. General physicians interested in expanding their services will also benefit from the wealth of information in this practical guide.

Item No.: 1003828 [W11933]
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