Palpation Techniques - Reichert

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During the last few decades, our understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of the locomotor system has increased many times over. This book is exceptionally well-suited for deepening our knowledge and understanding of the “anatomy of the living body”. The process of palpation starts out from the topographical norm and transfers this knowledge to the situation in the living body. With the right technique and right expectations for what you should feel, as well as sufficient experience, you will quickly be successful. This book helps to answer the two fundamental questions for treating locomotor problems effectively: Where does the pain come from and by what is the pain triggered? For this reason, every new thematic area is preceded by two short theoretical sections: The functional significance of the region and the necessary topographical background knowledge. More than 400 photos with sketched structures and over 250 detailed anatomical illustrations demonstrate clearly how to combine receptive touch with anatomical knowledge. Greater in vivo-competence will undoubtedly bring about improvements in diagnosis and practice and hence better patient care. Not only students and practitioners in the fields of physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chirotherapy, but also medical students and physicians will find this book an important tool for answering questions of from where and why and thereby contribute to the better care of our patients.
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