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How to better train hemorrhage control on upper extremities

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Hemorrhage is the loss of blood components from the cardiovascular system. When the blood loss leads to inadequate tissue oxygenation in the whole body or parts of it, a hemorrhagic shock can occur. Hemorrhage secondary to traumatic injury is the leading cause of death of Americans up to 46 years of age as stated in the “Stop the Bleed” campaign first launched in 2015. For upper extremity hemorrhage, retrospective studies have shown that extremity tourniquets reduce bleeding with a low rate of complications. To be better prepared to save lives in an emergency, hemorrhage control and applying tourniquets have to be trained very well.

The new and affordable Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer P102 by 3B Scientific is the ideal solution for realistic hands-on training of bleeding control and the management of traumatic injuries on the arm. The P102 is designed to demonstrate and train hemorrhage control for pre-hospital (ATLS) training, military training (TCCS), as well as for general training of upper extremity trauma management with small and large groups. Tourniquet application, wound packing including junctional wound, and XSTAT® (hemostatic device) application can be mastered thanks to the sturdy silicone live-size arm.

The Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer P102 can be used as a stand-alone simulator but also functions as a wearable simulator to create a more realistic training scenario. The trainer is equipped with three different wound patterns such as a deep laceration or stab wound (5 cm), a large caliber gunshot wound through and through (GSW), and a junctional wound in the shoulder area. For training purposes, the instructor or the standardized patient can control the pulsatile bleeding with the manual blood pump system. When a tourniquet is properly applied, the bleeding is stopped. This is the direct feedback you need for successful control of extremity hemorrhage. The secure and sealed bleeding system contains a blood reservoir of 2 liters with no back flow of the blood to the reservoir during wound packing.

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