Experiment: Electric Balance (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Electric Balance (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 8000762 [UE3030350-115], Magnetic fields
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Objective: Measurement of the force exerted on a current-carrying conductor located inside a magnetic field

The electric balance is based on André-Marie Ampères’ experiments on electric current. It measures the electro-dynamic force sometimes referred to as the Lorentz force on a current carrying conductor situated in a magnetic field using a balance. In this experiment the current conductor is suspended from a rigid suspension system and exerts the equal and opposite force on the permanent magnets as the electro-dynamic force generated by the magnetic field. The result is the apparent change in weight of the permanent magnets.

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Item No.: 8000762 [UE3030350-115]
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