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Experience innovation in science education with 3B Scientific at DIDACTA 2024

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DIDACTA 2024 is gearing up to present the future of educational tools and technology from February 20th to 24th at Koelnmesse, Cologne. 3B Scientific is thrilled to showcase the PS400 positioning system along with a wide range of Physics and Biology designed to enhance science education.

What is PS400 Positioning System?

The remote-controlled PS400 positioning system stands out for its precision and versatility in scientific experiments, making it indispensable for teachers aiming to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their lessons. Enabling fast, programmable, and exactly reproducible positioning of components (e.g. sources or sensors) in experiments, the PS400 positioning system can investigate distance-dependent but also velocity-dependent physical quantities without disturbing influences of the person experimenting. PS400 Positioning System is here to change the way experiments are conducted by providing a level of precision and versatility that traditional methods cannot match.

Enhance the learning experience with PS400 positioning system

The PS400 positioning system is designed with both educators and students in mind. Its primary function is to ensure the accurate and repeatable positioning of components in a variety of experiments. This level of precision is crucial for experiments where even minor deviations can lead to vastly different outcomes, potentially confusing students or skewing educational objectives. Here are the recommended use cases for PS400 positioning system.

Getting involved with 3B Scientific at DIDACTA 2023 and beyond

DIDACTA 2024 is a hub for educators and enthusiasts passionate about the future of science education, showcasing top innovations. You are invited to the 3B Scientific stand - Hall 6 booth no: C-040, to discover PS400 positioning system and many other groundbreaking Physics and Biology educational tools. Meet our product experts, talk about your educational needs, and learn how these innovative products can solve teaching challenges and improve learning outcomes. Beyond product demonstrations, 3B Scientific is dedicated to supporting the educational community, providing resources, updates, and ongoing support through a variety of channels to inspire and promote progress in science education before and after the event.

In the meantime, you can stay connected with us for the latest updates and insights in science education by following 3B Scientific on our social media accounts on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn.

Looking forward to seeing you there!