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Demo Multimeter, 1017895 [U8557160], Demo Multimeter
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Electronic meter featuring a double scale for analogue measurement of current and voltage in demonstration experiments. It can handle measurements of current and voltage values and also allows the zero point to be set up in the centre of the scale for measurement of DC quantities. Switching between measuring ranges does not break any circuits connected to the equipment. This means it is possible to carry out measurements on voltage converters, for example, without causing induction surges. Resistance R, conductance G, impedance Z and admittance Y can easily be determined as quotients of current and voltage measurements thanks to the non-interrupting switch capability without the need to change the wiring. This equipment is protected by fuses and authorised for making measurements in circuits directly connected to the low-voltage mains via plugs (CAT II), i.e. for measurements on house-hold appliances, for example. The current measuring ranges are resistant to long-term overloading up to 10 A. The meter is suitable for use as a free-standing instrument or for setting up in training panel frames.

Voltage ranges: 0.1 - 600 V AC/DC, 9 ranges
Current ranges: 0.1 mA - 10 A AC/DC, 11 ranges
Overload protection: 600 V long-term in all voltage ranges
10 A of long-term loading in 3-A and 10-A ranges
Measuring category: CAT II: 600 V
Connectors: 4-mm safety sockets
Fuses: 2x FF 10 A / 600 V (10 x 38 mm)
Power supply: 1x 1.5 V battery, AA IEC LR6
Automatic cut-off after: 45 min ± 10 min
Scale length: 160 mm
Height: 297 mm
Dimensions: 259x297x125 mm3
Weight: 1.7 kg approx

Item No.: 1017895 [U8557160]
Weight 1.9 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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