Blood Pressure Sensor

Blood Pressure Sensor, 1021761 [UCMA-BT17I], Sensors for Biology and Medicine
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The Blood Pressure sensor allows measuring arterial blood pressure. The sensor
measures the pressure in the connected cuff caused by the interaction between the cuff
and the blood flow through the brachial artery. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure
can be calculated using the oscillometric method (non-invasive method).

The Blood Pressure sensor consists of:
  • a pressure sensor with measurement range between 0 .. 375 mmHg
  • a standard adjustable blood pressure cuff (size: 24 cm to 35 cm)
  • a bulb pump with a control valve
The blood pressure cuff consists of an inflatable bladder connected by one hose to a
hand pump bulb and by a second hose to the pressure sensor box. The user can set the
rate of cuff deflation manually with the control valve.
The sensor produces an output voltage, which varies linear with the measured pressure.
The special circuitry in the sensor minimizes errors due to temperature changes.
The Blood Pressure sensor can be directly connected to the analog inputs of the
interfaces. A specific sensor cable is needed to connect the sensor to the interface, which
is not supplied with the sensor and has to be purchased separately.

Additionally required:
Variant 1: (PC/Tablet)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1022284 WiLab
 1 x Software License Coach7
Variant 2: (Data-Logger VinciLab)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1021477 VinciLab
 1 x Software License Coach7

Item No.: 1021761 [UCMA-BT17I]
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