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Congratulations - a baby is born! 3B Scientific’s Head of Sales, Mr. Michael Leske is in Cairo, Egypt to train our customers on obstetric simulation with RealMom 2.0 and on Tactical Combat Casualty Care with the TCCS Simulator. 

The full body TCCC training manikin offers military, government forces, medical rescue, and private security a realistic way for combat trauma care training of gunshot wound management, hemorrhage management, airway management, as well as trauma management related to the casualty’s breathing and circulation. To learn more about our highly realistic, point of injury TCCC simulators, please click here to visit our website. 

Obstetric simulation
Real Mom 2.0 is a new and improved birthing simulator with a full range of deliveries including breech, shoulder dystocia, cord prolapse, forceps and vacuum assist and the possibility to practice multiple birthing positions. It is the only delivery simulator with the capability to perform upright, side-lying and other birthing positions. The birthing phantom comes with intuitive to use software and a tablet.
  • Life-like Mother and Baby
  • Natural Delivery
  • Fully Operable
Check Real Mom 2.0 here and integrate it in your birthing trainings to decrease mortality rates for women and infants during labor.