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Hamburg/Germany, June 2012 - When Paul Binhold, following a clever idea, set up the parent company in Germany in the post-war years there was no way for him to foresee the dimension his work would take on one day. The brand name 3B Scientific® is now represented both in the medical and educational sector in over 100 countries. Today, 64 years later, the small production site in Hamburg has turned into the headquarter of a group of companies from where subsidiaries were established and acquired in 12 other European, American and Asian nations in the past 20 years. As international customer relations have been very important from the start, the 3B Scientific Group does around 90% of its business outside of Germany.


True to the company slogan “…going one step further” the development of the emerging Asian markets now continues, following the establishment of affiliates in Japan (1997), China (1999) and most recently Thailand (2007): 3B Scientific Korea was founded in Yongin (South Korea), not far from the capital of Seoul, in spring 2012.


The Republic of Korea, which is the correct name of the Southern part of the Korean peninsula, has witnessed constant economic growth for years, reflected in a GNP level that is comparable with several European countries. One of the reasons presumed behind this upswing are government investments in the field of education. A high level of education and training for the population of almost 50 million is considered important and is in fact necessary to stabilize the economic boom of the past decades.


A local branch will help to develop and expand the Korean market even more, represent and establish the 3B Scientific® brand more firmly and optimize direct customer care through local staff. Personal local contacts who speak the language of the customer, both in the figurative and particularly in the literal sense, makes it easier to communicate and build trust on both sides. 3B Scientific Korea will not only ensure intensive customer care but also quick order processing complying with all local regulations, as well as quick delivery times. Adapting all sales and marketing channels to Korean customers provides easier direct access to the markets.


The current focus on East Asia, however, does not mean that the Group has closed the chapter on expansion but, in fact, it rather plans to establish further affiliated companies.