Ultrasonic Echoscope GS200

Ultrasonic Echoscope GS200, 1018616 [U100102], Ultrasound
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Operational device for conducting ultrasonic experiments in reflection mode (pulse echo) or in through-transmission mode with ultrasonic probes 1 MHz (1018617), 2 MHz (1018618) and 4 MHz (1018619). With the built-in transmission and receiving unit, time gain control (TGC), integrated analogue-digital converter and microprocessor for connection to the measuring and evaluating computer via the USB interface. Connection of the ultrasonic probes via robust snap-in sockets with automatic probe recognition. Compensation for losses of intensity in ultrasonic sound pulses passing through solid or liquid bodies by means of TGC with selectable threshold, start point, end point and TGC ramp. The most important function signals (trigger, TGC, A-scan signal (amplitude signal) and ultrasound signal) are available via BNC sockets on the front of the device. Includes measurement and evaluation software for Windows operating systems. Screen display of the ultrasound signals (echogram) and the simultaneous TGC signal, whereby the A-scan signal and ultrasound signal can be recorded individually or both simultaneously in the echogram as a function of time or penetration depth. Display of all currently set system parameters (operating mode, transmission level, gain, connected ultrasound probes) calculation of frequency and cepstrum of ultrasound signal (FFT), depiction of 2-dimensional ultrasonic images (B-image) and the time characteristic of time motion reflection layers (time-motion methods).Ultrasonic probes not included in scope of delivery.
Frequency range:               1 – 5 MHz
Transmission signal:          Dirac pulse (< 1 µs, 0 – 300 V)
Transmission power:          0–30 dB, in 5 dB steps
Gain:                                      0–35 dB, in 5 dB steps
TGC:                                      Continuously adjustable threshold value, start value, rise time and gain time,   Maximum gain of approx. 32 dB
Outputs (front):                    TGC, trigger, ultrasound signal, A-scan signal via a BNC socket in each case
Probes connectors:             2, selectable for transmit, receive or duplex modes
PC connection:                   USB
Scanning rate:                     10, 25, 50 and 100 MHz
Power consumption:          approx. 20 VA
Mains voltage:                     100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:                         approx. 226x169x325 mm³

Experiment Topics:
  • Propagation of longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves in solid bodies
  • Determining velocity of longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves in solid bodies
  • Determination of shear modulus, modulus of elasticity and Poisson number
  • Attenuation of sound in solid bodies and liquids
  • Frequency dependence of sound attenuation
  • Time-dependent gain
  • Frequency dependence of resolution
  • Recording brightness images
  • Recording ultrasonic echoes from moving boundaries (time-motion mode)
  • Measurement of anomalies

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Item No.: 1018616 [U100102]
Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 22.6 x 16.9 x 32.5 cm
Brand 3B Scientific
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