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The REALITi 360 simulation system and the current ERC 2021 guidelines

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REALITi 360 from iSimulate is the ideal simulation system for patient monitoring to train your resuscitation training according to the new guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). REALITi 360 is perfect for both emergency medical services and clinical emergency training. With REALITi 360, one can simulate all scenarios required by the ERC in Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses reliably, at any time and at any training location.

Sudden cardiac death is often heralded by acute cardiac arrhythmias. These peri-arrest arrhythmias as warning signs of sudden cardiac death can be simulated realistically and their recognition can be practiced. For this purpose, REALITi 360 generates a variety of images of bradycardic and tachycardic arrhythmias.

REALITi 360 is particularly well suited for training in the consistent use of capnography during resuscitation. The extensive library of various displays enables effective training in the interpretation of capnographic waveforms. Capnography provides important information about the quality of CPR, allows early detection of ROSC (Return of Spontaneous Circulation) and can be used to control the position of the endotracheal tube.

Realistic in-hospital training to recognize early warning signs of deterioration in the patient's condition is supported by the display of comprehensive intensive care monitoring parameters. Simulation of the waveforms of a pulmonary artery catheter completes the possibilities of intensive care training.

With REALITi 360 you simulate the complete measures of resuscitation. The special emphasis on high-quality cardiac pressure massage (High Quality CPR) according to guideline recommendations is supported by the display of CPR feedback systems.

The simulators for patient monitoring REALITi 360 are available in different versions. From the starter set REALITi Go, with 4 user interfaces of generic defibrillators/monitors, to REALITi Plus, including a product-specific user interface with a selection of commercially available defibrillators and monitors, to REALITi Pro, the complete simulation system with CPR feedback and video debriefing.

You choose the solution that fits your training.

REALITi 360 allows you to train your emergency medical teams on a simulator that realistically represents the defibrillators and monitors you use. Realistic training for safe and fast diagnosis in an emergency.

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