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Intramuscular (I.M.) injections are a clinical procedure and require basic skill training that can safely be conducted on simulators, phantoms or task trainers rather than on real patients.

Training with a simulator has many advantages, one giving trainees and students the chance to practice and  repeat the procedure over and over until they are confident in the skill. I.M. injections can be practiced realistically without a real patient with 3B Scientific’s different Intramuscular Injection Simulators for the different requirements of the training.

The intramuscular injection simulator P54 is the basic and very affordable version to train and teach I.M. injections. Students can practice inserting the injection with fluid up to a depths of 50 mm. Click here for full product details and specifications or to place your order.

More sophisticated and designed for the training of I.M. injections in the upper arm is the intramuscular Injection Simulator P55/1 with palpable anatomical landmarks such as acromion and humerus. The realistic anatomy allows for placing correct intramuscular injections in an exceptionally graphic way.

The built-in fine electronics produce audio-visual direct feedback of the result, e.g. correct or incorrect injection, bone contact, or wrong location. The simulator can be worn by a standardized patient to make the training even more realistic, but can also be used as a stand-alone skill trainer. Both training and test modes are available within this I.M. injection simulator P55/1. Click here for full product details and specifications or to place your order.

Did you know 3B Scientific is not just a developer and manufacturer of Medical Simulators?

We also specialize in super-realistic anatomical models that include a virtual anatomy course: the 3B Smart Anatomy models. They are the perfect addition for teaching and studying medicine, in relation to I.M. injections for example the Muscle Model of the upper arm, cick here for details.

Special Offer:
The injection training simulators and the anatomy model of the upper arm are available as a training set with bundle savings! Click to see the set.