Steam Engine B

Steam Engine B, 1012801 [U13850], Cyclic Processes
Steam Engine B, 1012801 [U13850], Cyclic Processes
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Steam engine model for demonstrating a cycle where the working substance (water and steam) changes phase.
Includes a fixed brass cylinder which operates in both directions with a flywheel and drive wheel also operating in both directions, plus a centrifugal governor and a steam-jet oiling mechanism.
Highly polished, nickel-coated brass boiler with an inspection window to show the water level, a spring safety valve and a domed steam whistle. The brass boiler is fitted onto old-copper-coloured boiler housing with a brick pattern and a chimney. The water is heated using dry fuel. A tray for collecting condensed water is located under the chimney, allowing it to “smoke” like a real steam train.
Base: 260x200 mm
Height: 240 mm
Flywheel: 70 mm diam.
Boiler: 115 mm x 45 mm diam.
Boiler volume: 155 ml
Capacity: 120 ml approx.
Weight: 1.3 kg

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Item No.: 1012801 [U13850]
Weight 0.969 kg
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