Spirometer Sensor

Spirometer Sensor, 1021489 [UCMA-BT82i], Sensors for Biology and Medicine
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The spirometer BT82i measures air flow rate during human respiration. The sensor consists of a flow tube through which the air is inhaled and exhaled and a differential pressure sensor.

Range: -5 ... 5 L/s
Resolution (12-bit): 0.01 L/s

Includes: disposable bacterial filter and 10 disposable mouthpieces.

Can be used to:
• Record breathing patterns before, during and after exercise,
• Measure important lung capacities like Forced Expiratory Volume, Forced Vital Capacity and Tidal Volume.

Additionally required:

Variant 1: (PC/Tablet)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1022284 WiLab
 1 x Software License Coach7
Variant 2: (Data-Logger VinciLab)
 1 x 1021514 Sensor Cable
 1 x 1021477 VinciLab
 1 x Software License Coach7



Item No.: 1021489 [UCMA-BT82i]
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 0.18 x 0.1 x 0.06 cm
Brand CMA - Centrum voor Microcomputer
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