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RETTmobil International 2022: 3B Scientific to exhibit innovative simulators for emergency medical response training

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Today, RETTmobil opens its doors in Fulda, Germany and the 3B Scientific Team is looking forward to meeting you.

As in previous years, RETTmobil continues to offer an excellent platform wherein different entities of the rescue and mobility sector gather for networking and display their latest innovations. This year, RETT Mobil is expecting an impressive turnout of exhibitors and visitors from different parts of the world after having to pause in-person meetings for the past two years.

Visit our team to demo the newest medical simulators in Hall J, booth no. 1510. 
A glimpse of 3B Scientific simulators, manikins and trainers to be displayed at RETTmobil International 2022
ATLAS the ALS manikin: The most recent addition to the 3B Scientific range of products, ATLAS, is an ALS manikin developed to train the ALS algorithm efficiently. It is wireless and integrated with the award-winning simulation system REALITi 360 and offers a complete solution for AHA/ERC compliant ALS training. Atlas was launched just a few days ago and now visitors can demo this full-size and fully mobile manikin at our booth in RETTmobil International 2022.
Learn more about ATLAS here.
Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer (P102): This skill trainer was developed to help paramedics or even the tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) teams in acquiring the skills to control the bleeding of the upper extremity. The P102 offers hands-on experience in hemorrhage control of different wound patterns such as:
  • Deep laceration or stab wound (5 cm)
  • Large caliber gunshot wound through and through (GSW)
  • Junctional wound in the shoulder area
Learn more about P102 here.
Hemorrhage Control Leg trainer (P103): Successfully launched last year and already a customer favorite, the P103 trainer helps to train the emergency teams in controlling the bleeding of the lower extremity. It offers realistic wound patterns covering different blood loss scenarios in the leg. Therefore, providing the teams the valuable lifesaving expertise in a safe environment.
Learn more about P103 here.