RehaMat 2,5 cm, blue

RehaMat 2,5 cm, blue, 1016530, Training Mats - Exercise Mats
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The huge range of the ProfiGymMat is allowing an optimal selection, adapted to the individual requirement of the particular exercise.

The quality of the ProfiGymMat speaks for itself:
  • stays resistant, supple and stable in shape even under high performance
  • tensile strength
  • long life
  • easy adaption to the ground
  • comfortable and flexible
  • anti-slippery and flat lying
  • easy rolling and unrolling of mat
  • no sticking-out corners
  • optimum shock absorbing
  • both sides usable, in the studio, outdoor and in water
  • super hygienic because of closed cellular structure
  • anti-germ protection
  • dirt and humidity resistant
  • easily washable with water
  • 3 years of guarantee
Item No.: 1016530
Weight 1.292 kg
Dimensions 100 x 200 x 2.5 cm
Brand Trendy Sport
MPN: 8009B
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