Radiation Cartridge, 226Ra, 4 kBq

Radiation Cartridge, 226Ra, 4 kBq, 1006797 [U8483115], Radioactivity
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Regulation-exempt radiation source with brass container for shielding. Radium sulphate rolled in gold foil and sealed at one end of a stainless steel cartridge.

Activity:                                  4 kBq approx.
Tolerance:                            -10% / +40%
Weight:                                  400 g approx.
Caution: Hazardous item.
For this reason there will be additional transport costs.

Important Note:
In accordance with radiation protection regulations, anyone who works with radioactive materials or ionising radiation or plans to do so has the following obligations:

* Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation or contamination of persons or of the environment.
* Ensure that any unavoidable exposure to radiation or contamination of persons or of the environment is below the limits specified by the regulations and is reduced to the minimum that is possible with present science and technology, taking into account all the circumstances of the case.

In Germany, the 226Ra radiation cartridge is authorised for unlimited use. Its activity is approximately 4 kBq although it can be up to 40% higher or up to 10% lower. The limit for unlimited use of 226Ra is 10 kBq.
The 226Ra radiation cartridge can be used on its own in Germany without any authorisation or notice as long as the so-called “sum rule” is adhered to. Otherwise, it is necessary to obtain authorisation from the appropriate authority.

Item No.: 1006797 [U8483115]
Weight 0.095 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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