Practi-Platelets 100mL in a 450mL Bag (×1)

Practi-Platelets 100mL in a 450mL Bag (×1), 1024790, Practi-IV Bag and Blood Therapy Products
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The Practi-Platelets (O-negative) for clinical training simulates 450mL of O-negative platelets (100mL of platelets in a 450mL bag). The simulated bag enables users/practitioners to properly identify, read a platelet bag including bar-codes, blood type, as well spiking the bag properly.

Other Essential Training for Users Include:
  • Practicing the correct procedures for handling and administering platelets during transfusions.
  • Developing technical skills relating to the set up of platelets bags
  • Learning and reinforcing aseptic techniques to prevent contamination during platelet transfusion
  • Understand and follow established protocols and guidelines for platelet transfusions in a simulated setting.
The simulated platelet bags provide a controlled and realistic environment for healthcare learners to acquire and refine the essential skills required for safe and effective platelet transfusions.

We recommends this product be stored in cool, dark area to preserve product integrity; refrigerated storage is best.

Qty: 1 bag

Product Content: Distilled water, food colourant

Item No.: 1024790
Weight 0.227 kg
Dimensions 0.8 x 14.0 x 24.1 cm
Brand Wallcur
MPN: 255BP
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