Practi-10% Dextrose 250mL IV Solution Bag (×1)

Practi-10% Dextrose 250mL IV Solution Bag (×1), 1024785, Practi-IV Bag and Blood Therapy Products
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The Practi-10% Dextrose 250 mL IV Solution Bag for clinical training, simulates a 250 mL IV bag of 10% dextrose in normal saline. The content of the bag is distilled water and therefore safe to use on manikins/skill trainers.

The IV-Bag Optimizes Users Competencies in:
  • Practicing handling and setting up of IV bags
  • Understanding and adhering to established protocols and guidelines for IV therapy.
  • Learning the correct procedures for hanging, priming, and adjusting the flow rate of IV bags.
  • Developing safe handling techniques for IV bags, minimizing the risk of errors or contamination.
  • Simulating patient interactions related to IV administration, fostering communication and bedside manner.
  • Enhance critical thinking skills by making decisions related to IV therapy based on simulated scenarios.
  • Practicing management and adjustment the flow rate of IV fluids according to prescribed guidelines.
  • Learn to document relevant information, such as start times, flow rates, and observations during IV administration.
  • Simulating responses to potential emergencies or complications related to IV administration.

Qty: 1 bag

Product Content: Distilled water

Item No.: 1024785
Weight 0.254 kg
Dimensions 2.5 x 8.4 x 21.8 cm
Brand Wallcur
MPN: 232DX
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