PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator, 1-year old

PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator, 1-year old, 1022063, Pediatric Patient Care
PEDI® simulates a 1-year old and is another must for a well-equipped training program. These full-body manikins with articulating joints and soft, life-like skin have CPR capabilities via head tilt and chin lift. Airway management procedures such as oral/nasal nasogastric intubation or gastric suctioning can be also exercised. Intramuscular injection sites, lavage/gavage or simulated ear canal are only a few of their features.

  Multipurpose Patient Simulator PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator Mike® and Michelle® Pediatric Care Simulator
Item No. 1014623 1022063 1005804
Age 1-year old 1-year old 1-year old
CPR anatomical landmarks and realistic internal organs -
Chest rise  ✔  -  
Femoral vein and brachial pulse  ✔   ✔   -
Popliteal pulse -   -
Oral/Nasal endotracheal intubation -
IO and IV arm -
Stomas for llestomy, colostomy, and suprapubic exercises - -
Interchangeable genitalia and catheteriztation -
Tracheostomy care and G-tube placement -
Enema adminstration -
Placement of rectal suppositories - -
Carrying bag included included included

Item No.: 1022063
Weight 6.46 kg
Brand Gaumard
MPN: S115.M
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