Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller (cw and pulsed)

Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller (cw and pulsed), 1008632 [U14021], Solid-State Laser Physics
Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller (cw and pulsed), 1008632 [U14021], Solid-State Laser Physics
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• Precise current-controlled continuous wave and pulse-type laser driver
• Two TEC drivers with PID controllers
• Digital and analog modulation inputs
• Multiple safety circuits
• Stored configuration (EEPROM)
• Very low power dissipation due to bias voltage control in cw-mode
• Digital control using isolated RS232 serial interface

The diode laser driver and temperature controller is a highly precise, safe and cost-efficient operating solution for continuous wave (cw) and pulsed diode lasers.
The power supply unit is designed for current-stabilized control of the laser diode and is also equipped with a control unit for laser diode’s controlling optical beam power in cw-mode by means of the integrated photodiode input.
In pulsed mode the laser diode can be operated with the freely configurable built-in oscillator or externally using the modulation input.
The temperature controllers are designed as PID controllers and configured for standard operation with NTC and Pt100 sensors. The use of silicon temperature sensors or other types is equally possible simply by altering the software configuration.

Laser current range: 0...2500 mA
Laser current resolution: 1 mA
Laser current accuracy: < 1 mA
Laser current noise: < 60 µs
Pulse rise time: < 10 µs
Pulse fall time: < 5 µs
Voltage range: 1.2...5 V
Current limit: adjustable between 0...2500 mA
External digital modulation input: TTL
TEC (Thermo-electric cooler) Driver
Peltier current: max. -4...+4 A
Peltier voltage: max. 15 V
Peltier current limit: adjustable between 0...4 A
Peltier current resolution: 1 mA
Temperature control accuracy: < 10 mK

General specs
Over-temperature protection: for driver and laser
Supply voltage: 24 V / 3 A DC
Mains voltage: 100 up to 240 V AC
Dimensions (H×W×L): 85×105×210 mm
Item No.: 1008632 [U14021]
Weight 1.2 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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