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Developing your student’s laparoscopic skills involves a long process with a steep learning curve. The more exposed they are to the variety of tasks in a laparoscopic intervention, the more expertise they gain. To reach this goal, having the right simulator in your lab is an absolute essential. Offer your students a laparoscopy simulation trainer to habituate them to the visual constraints and the mechanical difficulties involved in performing a real laparoscopic surgery and perfect their hand-eye coordination.

Master all-round laparoscopic skills with Laparo simulators

LAPARO stands for the development of ideal training solutions for laparoscopic surgery with an offering from box trainers to fully advanced laparoscopy simulators, including student performance and analysis software. Offering a wide range of trainers that encapsulate the different laparoscopic procedures of varying difficulty levels from incision to suturing, LAPARO trainers and simulators are the answer to solve all of your training challenges for minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery. Here are our recommendations for laparoscopic trainers that can make your training process a rewarding experience:

LAPARO Adept – Laparoscopy Box Trainer for Beginners: 
Learning suturing techniques in this training platform is simple and effective. Students gain hands-on experience in making incisions on a realistic multi-layer artificial skin, and learn basic knots and sutures under tension and in a limited field of vision. Familiarize your students in suturing tissues of varying structure, firmness and thickness with its five training modules.

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LAPARO Advance – Laparoscopy Training Station for Advanced Skill Training:
LAPARO Advance is a complete training station for laparoscopic surgery and the ideal tool for frequent training of laparoscopic procedures. With a high-quality design and durability, this training station offers the ability to record student performance in HD (with LED lighting) including time tracking for tasks to be completed. The LAPARO Advance Training Station is compatible with different training modules, adapting easily and comfortably to the required scenario.

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LAPARO Analytic – Complete Laparoscopy Training Station with Advanced Training Analysis: 
Being the world’s only laparoscopy simulator with a state-of-the-art training analysis software, this training station gives you an in-depth view of the progress your students make during the training on an ongoing basis. LAPARO Analytic comes equipped with real instruments, integrated precise sensors, a touch screen computer, electric height adjustment, and stable wheels with blockade. For instructor convenience, LAPARO Analytic also includes training scenarios developed in collaboration with surgeons and specialists.

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