Laparo Advance Portable

Laparo Advance Portable, 1023658, Laparoscopy
Laparo Advance Portable, 1023658, Laparoscopy
LAPARO Advance Portable is dedicated for hospitals, medical universities, and medical simulation centers. Ergonomic and durable casing is made of special resistant materials to provide many hours of training.

You can easily adjust the exercises to the appropriate level of advancement thanks to a wide range of training pads. The set also includes a computer with an all-in-one touch screen mounted on the arm, but you can connect it to any other computer or laptop at any time. The full HD 1080p free rotation camera allows for learning in conditions similar to procedures in the operating room.


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62.92 €
Item No.: 1023658
Weight 18.5 kg
Brand Laparo
MPN: 5904024551058 [10205]
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