Inkjet Pucks Basic Set

Inkjet Pucks Basic Set, 1021624 [U22072], Motion in a Plane
Two inkjet pucks with all components required for operation plus accessories for recording motion of edges and centre of mass. Ideal when a suitable air cushion platform is already available.

2 Inkjet pucks, diameter 100 mm, height 95 mm, weight not including battery
   and print cartridge 366 g approx.
1 Black print cartridge
1 Red print cartridge
2 NiMH rechargeable batteries, 9 V, 300 mAh
1 Plug-in power supply 12 V, 500 mA with split charging cable for 2 inkjet 
2 Storage boards for inkjet pucks with moistening pads
1 Infra-red remote control
1 Set of accessories for motion of the edge of an inkjet puck
1 Set of accessories for centre of mass motion of two coupled inkjet pucks


28.07 €
Item No.: 1021624 [U22072]
Weight 4.5 kg
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