HIV/Aids Testing Kit, Simulated

HIV/Aids Testing Kit, Simulated, 1022339 [W598411], Genetics Experiments
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This is an exciting, real life science lesson activity which uses real laboratory techniques for demonstrating the HIV test for AIDS. The test uses simulated blood and reagents which are completely safe in the hands of students and teachers. This kit has been used extensively by United Nations in its UNESCO outreach work worldwide.
Teachers guide & students notes, chemicals and equipment are included with this kit.
Sufficient reagent and materials to suit a class of 30 students.

Reasons to buy
  • Modern laboratory techniques
  • Individual student participation
  • Student ownership of results
  • Experiment times halved
  • Safety enhanced
  • Low environmental risk
  • Improved accuracy and reliability
  • Student worksheets
  • Teacher guides
  • Highly recommended by thousands of leading educators worldwide
  • Low cost due to 4% of the regular chemical usage
  • Modular and flexible system
  • Excellent reviews by leading academics
  • Adopted in many education systems worldwide
  • Linked to leading curricula and examinations
  • Available for use by junior, middle and senior schools
  • Recognised by students as a 'Fun and Exciting' way to do practicals
  • No need for lengthy preparation, system up and running in minutes
  • Used in the UNESCO Global Programme
  • Ideal for health studies

This simulated HIV/AIDS Testing Kit allows your students to:
  • Experiment using simulated blood (Real blood is not used)
  • Allows learners to do simulated tests
  • Creates better understanding of the disease
  • Creates confidence in the test
  • Provides educational material about HIV/AIDS
  • Re-enacts a number of different patient case studies
  • Provokes discussion and learning about the disease
  • Makes use of the ELISA (enzyme linked immunoassay) methodology
  • Uses the cutting edge Microscience technique
  • Includes easy to follow instructions and guides

Item No.: 1022339 [W598411]
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