Helmholtz Resonator d = 40 mm

Helmholtz Resonator d = 40 mm, 1003522 [U8430330], Sound
Helmholtz Resonator d = 40 mm, 1003522 [U8430330], Sound
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Hollow glass bulb with a narrow tube leading out for demonstrating acoustic resonance. The fundamental oscillation is generated by blowing into the opening or banging on the outside of the bulb.

The elasticity and inertial mass of the air in the bulb cause the bulb to act as an acoustic resonator with a highly distinct resonant frequency. The frequency is dependent on the dimensions of the bulb and the tube. With a whole set of Helmholtz resonators it is possible to demonstrate how tones combine to form a tonal mixture.

Opening on the glass bulb: 14 mm dia.
Length of tube: 15 mm
Resonant Frequency: 1202 Hz


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Item No.: 1003522 [U8430330]
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