Full-Body CPR Manikin with Trauma Options, light

Full-Body CPR Manikin with Trauma Options, light, 1018871 [W44735], ALS Adult
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This full-body CPR manikin with trauma options features lifelike positioning, a carotid pulse, and anatomical landmarks that include the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch.

Coupled with our options and a set of moulages, you can add a depth of realism to your training.

Rescue training is augmented with the Rescue Head that can be interchanged with the CPR/rescue-breathing head. An optional IV arm gives you an added dimension.

The manikin comes ready to go with a sweat suit, five mouthpieces and five airway systems with lungs. Order “with electronics” and receive an exterior console box that indicates proper hand position, adequate chest compressions, and adequate air volume.

Wounds sold separately.


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Item No.: 1018871 [W44735]
Weight 20.7 kg
Brand Simulaids
MPN: 100-2700
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