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Free 1-year access to anatomy lectures and virtual models with 3B SMART ANATOMY

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3B Scientific is releasing free access to 3B SMART ANATOMY for a whole year during the time of July and August of 2020 to support the education community and all people fighting the ongoing challenges related to COVID-19 and beyond.

With 3B SMART ANATOMY, students can easily study anatomy – wherever they are, at home or on the road.

The free course includes 23 digital anatomy lectures, 117 different virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes to test your knowledge and get immediate feedback on your performance. Hosted inside the award winning Complete Anatomy app, 3B SMART ANATOMY is normally only available with the purchase of a 3B Scientific® anatomy model.

Register now and share the link with friends and fellow students to spread the word about the free access to 3B SMART ANATOMY. Please note: The link will guide you to an external login area from 3D4Medical, the creator of Complete Anatomy.

Terms & Conditions:
*This offer is valid until August 31st, 2020. The 3B SMART ANATOMY license is valid for one (1) year. Country restrictions may apply.