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Experience realism, versatility, and collaboration at the 3B Scientific booth in SESAM 2023!

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As the eagerly anticipated SESAM 2023 approaches, 3B Scientific is gearing up to demonstrate its newest simulators and to offer informative workshops with live demonstrations – making it an even more inviting platform for its visitors.

When: 14th June 2023 to 16Th June
Where: Booth no: 1, Lisbon Congress Centre – Lisboa, Portugal

Let us show you the latest 3B Scientific simulators  

At SESAM 2023, 3B Scientific invites all attendees to visit our team at booth no. 1 to experience the realism & versatility of 3B Scientific simulators first-hand. Engage with our knowledgeable team, who will be available to demonstrate the simulators and answer any questions you may have. Being a firm believer in collaboration and constructive feedback; whether you are a medical educator, student, or healthcare professional – we welcome you to meet us and share your thoughts and suggestions.

Here is the list of 3B Scientific medical trainers available for viewing and demo at our booth:

  1. Atlas – ALS Manikin with REALITi 360
At the forefront of 3B Scientific's booth will be the latest Advanced Life Support simulator, Atlas, an ALS manikin developed to train the ALS algorithm efficiently. It is wirelessly integrated with the award-winning simulation system REALITi 360 by iSimulate, and offers a complete solution for AHA/ERC-compliant ALS training. Launched last year, ATLAS is well received for its lightweight, affordability and straightforward set-up. Get a hands-on experience with this trainer, visit us, and demo this full-size and fully mobile manikin at our booth.
  1. Hemorrhage Control Trainers – Leg & Arm
The Hemorrhage Control trainer arm - P102 & leg - P103 are developed to help paramedics and tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) teams to acquire the skills to control heavy bleeding of the upper extremity and the lower extremity, respectively. With these trainers offer your teams hands-on experience to control bleeding with realistic wound patterns covering different blood loss scenarios. We highly recommend you look at the simulator arm and leg in person to test their realism and versatility.
  1. Postpartum Hemorrhage Control trainer
3B Scientific offers a variety of simulators for obstetrics training whether birthing simulators, emergency trainers or clinical skills trainers. P97 Pro is one of our latest trainer in this range, to train in the management of postpartum hemorrhage.Teach your medical teams the essential skills to identify the cause and site of sudden bleeding in new mothers and the appropriate treatments to help stop the bleeding using the P97 Pro PPH trainer. Join us at our booth to test this simulator and understands its usage.
  1. BHS Shirt
Cardionics developed this innovative (wearable) auscultation simulator that gives students a valuable experience of interacting with a Standardized patient! BHS stands for Bionic Hybrid Simulator and is a wearable simulation system offering a realistic and accurate solution for scenario simulations with Standardized Patients. Coming in different sizes , BHS is a unique yet straightforward way of training your students in auscultation. Walk into our booth and learn about all the training possibilities BHS has to offer you.
  1. REALITi SimScope
The newest addition to the line of REALITi 360 training modules is an electronic training stethoscope fully integrated the simulation system. Launched this year, REALITi SimScope offers your students a realistic auscultation experience. Advance your manikin or standardized patient training and offer your students the possibility to understand learn about heart, lung, and bowel anomalies using an impressive sounds library powered by Cardionics. 
Don’t miss the Live workshop on “How to integrate REALITi and Atlas in my simulation training from pre-hospital to intensive care?”

This year the attendees are also welcome to join us and experience a detailed session taking you through a journey from pre-hospital care to the emergency room with Atlas and REALITi 360. At the helm will be Peter Mckie, founder of iSimulate and the Head of Innovation and Strategy, who will share his expert knowledge on the topic, while the attendees:

  • Learn the easy set-up of Atlas the ALS Manikin and REALITi 360
  • Know about the benefits of integrating Atlas in your training program
  • Discover the endless possibilities of ALS training using Atlas in simulations - from pre-hospital to intensive care settings
Please note: This workshop will take place only on 14th June Wednesday from 13:30 – 15:00 at Room 3B of Lisbon Congress Centre. If you wish to reserve a spot in advance, please click here.

Furthermore, you can stay up-to-date with all the live updates from our booth in SESAM 2023, simply follow us @3bscientific on social media platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.