Equipment Set “Stereophonic Hearing”

Equipment Set “Stereophonic Hearing”, 1018551 [U8557320], Sound
Equipment Set “Stereophonic Hearing”, 1018551 [U8557320], Sound
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Experiment Topics:
·         Directions of sound
·         Determining differences in time for sound  to propagate to left and right ears
·         Effect of linear distortions on cavity resonance

Equipment set for investigation of directionality of sound and determining differences in time for sound to propagate to left and right ears by generation of knocking sounds in a closed tube. The effect of linear distortions on the directionality of cavity resonance can also be investigated by dipping two ends of a tube, at the same time or in alternation, into a beaker which is either empty or half-filled with water. The set consists of a stethoscope with various tubes and a plastic beaker in a rugged plastic case with foam inlays in the shape of the apparatus and a transparent lid.

1 Stethoscope
2 Spare earpieces
1 Tube, 1 m
2 Tubes, 0.5 m
2 Toothpicks
1 Plastic beaker
1 Storage case

Item No.: 1018551 [U8557320]
Weight 0.78 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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