Equipment set for Waveguide Optics

Equipment set for Waveguide Optics, 1003054 [U17304], Equipment Sets
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Experiment topics:
  • Tyndall's light guide experiment
  • Attenuation in curved optical waveguides
  • Attenuation in liquids
  • Attenuation at optical transitions
  • Setup for force measurement
  • Setup of light barrier
  • Setup for proximity sensor
  • Transmission of audio signals
  • Data transmission between two computers
Complete modular experiment set for examining optical waveguide phenomena and their applications. Consisting of one base PCB for use as a transmitting and receiving module, one analog transmitting and receiving unit, one digital transmitting and receiving unit, one microphone amplifier and low-frequency generator, one low-frequency amplifier with integrated loudspeaker, USB interface for transmitter and receiver, one digital multimeter, sheathed and unsheathed optical fibres of different lengths and all connecting cables. Including universal plug-in power supplies and storage case.

Plug-in power supply 100 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz prim., 9 V DC sec.

Additional recommended: U11175 Analog Oscilloscope U11257 High-Frequency Patch Cord, BNC / 4-mm plug
Item No.: 1003054 [U17304]
Weight 2.6 kg
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