Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber

Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber, 1019196 [U22031], Spectrophotometer
Digital Spectrometer LD with Absorption Chamber, 1019196 [U22031], Spectrophotometer
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Digital spectrometer for quantitative analysis of emission and absorption spectra, for recording transmission curves and performing measurements in calorimetry and kinetics. Incident light from a fibre-optic cable is dispersed into a spectrum by a Czerny-Turner monochromator and projected from there onto a CCD detector. The entry slit is built into the casing. User-friendly measurement and evaluation software enable simultaneous recording and analysis in real-time. The built-in software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, 32- and 64-bit versions starts running as soon as the sensor is connected to the computer via a USB cable. Includes plug-in power supply and holder for fibre-optic cable.
Absorption Chamber is a multi-functional module for recording transmission or absorption measurements using 4-ml cells (10 x 10 x 40 mm³), objects in slide format (50 x 50 mm²) or objects in coin format (40 mm diam.). Up to two slide-format objects and one coin-format object can be analysed simultaneously and compared. With built-in light source for the spectral region from 350 – 1000 nm. In metal casing resistant to chemicals. For direct connection to digital spectrometers LD or via fibre-optic cable. Refer also to experiment UE4020400.

Digital Spectrometer LD:
Grating:                                 600 lines/mm
Spectral range:                     350 – 900 nm
Spectral resolution:              1 nm (for resolution of mercury doublet)
Accuracy                              1 pixel per 0.15 nm
CCD detector:                      3600 pixels
Resolution:                           16 bit
Integration time:                   0.1 to 60 s
Entry slit:                              40 µm metal
Interface:                              USB 2.0
Connectors:                         SMA 905
Fibre-optic cable:                 2 m
Mains voltage:                     100 – 240 V
Dimensions:                         133x120x60 mm
Weight:                                 950 g

Absorption Chamber:
Light source:            350 – 1000 nm
Power supply:          12 V (via adaptor cable from plug-in power supply for digital spectrometer)
Dimensions: 65x100x55 mm³
Weight:          250 g

Experiment Topics:
·         Line spectra, continuous spectra
·         Black-body radiators, Wien’s law
·         Emission spectrum of sodium
·         Flame spectra
·         Transmission spectra of solid bodies and liquids
·         Kinetics
·         Beer-Lambert law
·         Plug & play: no software installation or drivers required.
·         Connect up your spectrometer and the spectrum is obtained immediately.
·         Measurement and evaluation in real-time.
·         Simple and practical software with built-in wizards and powerful evaluation functions.
·         Internal memory for measured data.
·         Spectra of high quality and signal stability
·         Highly stable metal casing with built-in entry slit.
·         Internal beam paths and the principle of operation can be viewed by opening the lid of the casing.

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Item No.: 1019196 [U22031]
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