Digital Energy Meter

Digital Energy Meter, 1002802 [U118261-230], Hand-held Digital Measuring Instruments
Digital Energy Meter, 1002802 [U118261-230], Hand-held Digital Measuring Instruments
Digital meter for measuring consumption of electrical energy by appliances connected to the mains and for determining bills given a rate for kilowatts per hour. It is also possible to demonstrate stand-by operation for larger appliances. If the connected appliance consumes more than 3600 W a warning signal is emitted. Supplied with an internal battery for memory back-up.

Please note: The device is only suitable for type F sockets! (Schuko plug)

Values displayed:               Energy, costs incurred, power, voltage, current, time, day of the week
Input voltage:                       230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum permitted load:   3680 W/16 A
Minimum load for display: 1 W/0.005 A
Energy:                                 0 – 9999.9 kWh
Current:                                 0.005 – 16 A
Active power:                       0 – 3680 W
Accuracy:                              ±0.5%
Safety classification:          Cat II 300 V (IEC-1010-1)
Operating voltage:               internal battery for memory back-up
Dimensions:                         120x60x75 mm3 approx.
Weight:                                  160 g approx.
Item No.: 1002802 [U118261-230]
Weight 0.18 kg
Brand PeakTech
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