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Demo the Newest 3B Scientific Simulators at SESAM

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It is the mission of the Society for Simulation in Europe or SESAM, to “encourage and support the use of simulation in healthcare for the purpose of training and research”. With members from various backgrounds in healthcare and medical education, the European Congress brings together a wide group of medical professionals, all with interest in and passion for medical simulation.

The 27th Annual Meeting of the Society on 15th to 17th June 2022 will take place in Seville, Spain. Registration is open and can be accessed here.

The 3B Scientific team will showcase our newest medical simulators and skill trainers for different procedures across a variety of medical specialties. Our booth #7 is open to everyone who would like to demo our simulators, speak with the team of simulation specialists, or simply to network. No appointments necessary – we look forward to welcoming you in person!

New 3B Scientific Medical Simulators at SESAM

Atlas the ALS Manikin is our most recently launched simulator and a game-changer for Advanced Life support training. Integrated with the award-winning REALITi 360 simulation System by iSimulate, Atlas can seamlessly train your students in performing the ALS algorithm, including manual defibrillation, airway management and drug delivery during a life-threatening scenario of a patient. Visit our booth at SESAM and experience in-person how the lightweight and fully mobile Atlas can help you in carrying out an in-situ training effortlessly.

The Trauma Arm and Leg are skill trainers to prepare the teams to manage hemorrhage on the upper and lower limbs. Hemorrhage control management can be trained quite realistically using these simulators that offer a set of different wound patterns. The bleeding intensity is controlled manually, offering a system that can be used anywhere at any time.

Hemorrhage also plays a critical role in Obstetrics Emergency Training. The new PPH Simulator P97 Pro offers a realistic and complete training solution for medical intervention training to manage post-partum hemorrhage.

3B Scientific is also showcasing auscultation simulators from our sister company Cardionics with SAM II Auscultation Manikin and the new SAM4 Online Auscultation Training Platform for institutions.