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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – It’s time to RISE!

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Every October, the global #BreastCancer month raises awareness about the cancer itself, the importance of early detection and treatment. This year, the theme “It’s time to RISE” puts a special emphasis on working together, raising our voices and educating about all topics surrounding breast cancer to help every woman in need around the globe.

Progress has been impressive in the past years as the American Cancer Society reports a decline in death rates of 40% from 1989 to 2016 – presumably thanks to improvements in early detection. Let’s work together to continue on that path and lower these numbers even further.

Did you know?

  • Early detection greatly increases cancer survival rates
  •  A woman’s risk for developing breast cancer increases as she gets older
  • Family history doubles a woman’s risk for developing breast cancer
  • Breast cancer warning signs and breast cancer symptoms are not the same for everyone. Never assume that you are cancer free because you do not have the typical symptoms, rather get checked out more often than not
  • Mammograms are proven to reduce the death rate from breast cancer as they help detect at an early stage
  • Even though rare, men can develop breast cancer, too

There is still a lot more to learn about breast cancer, and questions often asked include basic facts: What are the causes of breast cancer, how is breast cancer diagnosed, what are common risk factors, or at what age should women start screening?  

During this entire month of October, we will be sharing insights into these questions and more, suggestions for training medical professionals in detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as patient education tools.