Bench Scales, Harvard Junior

Bench Scales, Harvard Junior, 1012872 [U42047], Laboratory Scales
Bench Scales, Harvard Junior, 1012872 [U42047], Laboratory Scales
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Inexpensive and colourful two-pan scales made of plastic. No less stable or less accurate than many more expensive scales. With high-precision manufactured metal beam, interchangeable pans and zero adjustment. Includes a set of 8 weights.
Built-in interlock to protect against vibration during transport or during long-term storage. Stackable.
Maximum load: 2 kg
Precision: 0.5 g
Pans: 150 mm diam., plastic, shallow and high-sided versions
Set of weights: Set of 8, 370 g
Item No.: 1012872 [U42047]
Weight 1.5 kg
Brand Ohaus
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