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When thinking of medical simulation and education, most people imagine clean, sparkling white rooms with running A/Cs and a linoleum floor. The reality, however, may look very different.

As we travel the world to install simulators and equip skills labs with clinical trainers, we often find ourselves in the remotest regions with little infrastructure. As it is our goal to advance medical and healthcare delivery globally, we have come to understand the challenges and chances of helping to improve the circumstances under which medical personnel is trained.

We wanted to share this image now during #HcSimWeek19, showing how a Sectra Virtual Dissection Table - an extremely advanced and high tech anatomy table for virtual dissections with real patient cases - is unloaded to be installed for a demo in Guwahati, Assam. When purchasing from us, our customers can be sure that we will take any possible step to make sure that they do not just receive the product they need but also the full support and expertise of our global sales team.

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About the Sectra Virtual Dissection Table

Sectra is one of the world’s leading providers of IT systems for managing medical images and patient information with more than 1,800 installations worldwide.
The Sectra Virtual Dissection Table (it can be tilted in a 90° angle from table top to board) builds on a cloud based system called Education Portal, a global network that gives teachers and students a powerful tool for interactive, problem-based learning.

The extensive library of real patient cases and the complete human anatomy atlas can be accessed from any touch device and empower clinical thinking and global collaboration through anatomy, radiology, pathology, histology and embryology modules.

Please click here to see all specifications, product images and a video of the Sectra Virtual Dissection Table.