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3B Scientific sets up affiliate in Turkey

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Hamburg/Germany, January 2013 - Having opened two new affiliates in the European-Asian region, 3B Scientific can indeed look back on a productive year 2012. The establishment of the South Korean affiliate was followed by the opening of the Turkish subsidiary only several months later.


In December 2012, the international 3B Scientific Group was enlarged to include a Turkish affiliate and now comprises 13 affiliates outside of Germany. 3B Scientific TR Eğitim Araç ve Gereçleri Medıkal İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi, the official name, serves the Turkish market from the metropolis of Istanbul. An experienced member of the company, Melih Araci, Managing Director of 3B Scientific TR, will head the new affiliate: “Based in Hungary, I have been in charge of 3B Scientific’s customers in Turkey and other countries since back in 2008. My expertise and the fact that my mother tongue is Turkish will help me to offer our customers the best service in negotiations.”


At 75 million, Turkey’s population is similar in size to that of Germany. Its average age of under 30, however, makes it considerably younger. Consequently, excellent education plays an important role. The Turkish educational system is based on a wide network of schools and universities, which in fact constitutes one of the major target groups of the 3B Scientific Group. While the densely populated west and the less developed eastern part of the country do show economic differences, the economy of Turkey is generally experiencing increasing growth rates. Having generated a gross domestic product of 775 million US$ in 2011, Turkey ranks 18th in an international comparison, clearly beating European industrial nations such as Belgium or Sweden.


3B Scientific TR’s web shop can be found soon at www.3Bscientific.com.tr.