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Hamburg/Germany, December 2012 – As in every year, 3B Scientific is donating 5,000 € in 2012 to the World Vision aid organization, to help support children in developing countries.


A good start in life offers the best prospects for the future. A reliable source of clean drinking water, fresh food, good housing and medical care – and not forgetting education – are essential in ensuring personal well-being for all of us. In developing economies, however, it’s often the youngest of all who suffer from malnutrition and comparatively harmless diseases. As a producer of teaching materials, 3B Scientific is particularly keen to ensure a good future for children and is thus donating 5,000 € to the World Vision charity. The donation will go to financing not just child sponsorships but also regional development projects, which focus on making life better for needy children and the people in their lives. Following the maxim of “helping others to help themselves”, crofters are given seed and fertilizer, irrigation channels are laid, small traders are funded, war-traumatized children are cared for and regular schooling is provided.


3B Scientific has been regularly donating to the WORLD VISION Germany child aid organization for several years, and the total sum donated is now some 13,000 €. 3B Scientific also donates its own products throughout the year. Just recently, the company donated a 3B Scientific® Skeleton Model to “Hilfe direkt Oldenburg – Sierra Leone V.i.B. e.V.”: the model was needed for a newly-built hospital in Sierra Leone, where it will be used to help train medical personnel and provide patients with medical advice.