Vacuum Hand Pump

Vacuum Hand Pump, 1012856 [U205001], 진공 펌프
Product Information: ..
Simple mechanical air pump for filling and evacuating small containers; equipped with an ergonomic handle, a manometer with a pointer that rotates through a full 360°, a ventilation valve, two hoses (long and short) and six connecting adaptors.

Specifications: ..
Manometer: -980 hPa – 4000 hPa
Tubing nozzle: 8.5 mm Ø
Hose: 850 mm x 6.5 mm Øinternal 
  65 mm x 4.5 mm Øinternal 
Dimensions: 180 mm x 60 mm x 260 mm approx.
Weight: 0.3 kg approx.

품번: 1012856 [U205001]
무게 0.365 kg

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