Tulip Flower (Tulipa gesneriana), Model

Tulip Flower (Tulipa gesneriana), Model, 1017832 [T210101], 홑떡잎식물 모형
Tulip Flower (Tulipa gesneriana), Model, 1017832 [T210101], 홑떡잎식물 모형
Enlarged 3x life-size, 2-part
Family: Liliaceae Monocotyledonous

Lily grasses are characterized by underground stems called bulbs that vegetatively reproduce. Likewise their large funnel-shaped flowers are two sets of three tepals in radially symmetrical whorles. The inner circle is produced by two sets of three detachable stamina. The inner chasm is painted a delightful gradient starting in red shifting to yellow finally to finish in a deep black. This colorful, large flower is adapted to insect pollination. Onion (Allium cepa) and the White lily (Lilium candidum) have similar flower shapes.
Dimensions: 23 x 24 x 52cm
Weight: 0.4 kg
품번: 1017832 [T210101]
무게 1 kg
브랜드 3B Scientific

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