Trinocular Microscope TE5

Trinocular Microscope TE5, 1020251 [W30915], 현미경 E5
The microscope E5 stands out thanks to

• its ergonomic design with 30° angled eyepiece
• its compact and robust construction
• its excellent mechanical and optical quality
• its ease of operation

LED fibre optic illumination integrated into the base

• ensures even illumination of the field of vision
• prevents thermal effects from affecting the sample during prolonged examination
• features a long operating life and makes lamp replacement superfluous

Besides the binocular eyepiece, the microscope model TE5 also offers the option of connecting a camera for photographic and/or video documentation.  

Stand Robust, all metal stand with arm permanently connected to the base. Focussing by means of separate knobs for coarse and fine adjustment located on either side of the stand and operated by rack and pinion drive with ball bearings and retaining lever, adjustable stopper for protecting the object slides and objective.
Resolution of fine focussing adjustment: 0.002 mm
Tube Trinocular head, 360° rotatable, binocular tubus with 30° viewing angle, viewing distance adjustable between 50 and 75 mm, ±5 dioptric compensation, one tube with vertical viewing angle
Eyepieces Pair of wide field plan eyepieces PL 10x 18 mm
Objectives Inverted objective revolver with 4 achromatic objectives 4x / 0.10, 10x / 0.25, 40x / 0.65, 100x / 1.25 (oil)
Enlargement 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x
Object Stage x-y mechanical stage, 132 mm x 140 mm, with object guide and coaxial adjustment knobs perpendicular to the object stage, adjustment range 76 mm x 50 mm, accuracy 0.1 mm
Illumination Adjustable LED lighting integrated in base, universal 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz power supply
Condenser Abbe condenser N.A.1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder
Dimensions 350 mm x 213 mm x 366 mm approx.
Weight 8 kg approx.
Supplied Complete with dust cover
품번: 1020251 [W30915]
무게 6 kg
브랜드 3B Scientific

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