Thermal Expansion Apparatus D

Thermal Expansion Apparatus D, 1002977 [U15400], 열팽창
Thermal Expansion Apparatus D, 1002977 [U15400], 열팽창
A device for measuring the thermal expansion of solids in dependence on length and material. The scope of delivery includes three sample tubes (steel, brass and glass) which are heated by passing water vapour through them. Consists of a base strip with a fixed bearing, pilot bearing, pointer and projectable scale.
Scale dimensions: approx. 140x200 mm²
Measuring range: 1 mm
Reading accuracy: 0.05 mm
Tube length: approx. 650 mm
Dimensions: approx. 730x50x200 mm³
Weight: approx. 2 kg
품번: 1002977 [U15400]
무게 1.558 kg
치수 73 x 5 x 20 cm
브랜드 3B Scientific

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