SEK Heat

SEK Heat, 1008528 [U8502000], 고급 학생 실험
SEK Heat, 1008528 [U8502000], 고급 학생 실험
SEK Heat, 1008528 [U8502000], 고급 학생 실험
Set of equipment for carrying out 22 student experiments on thermodynamics and heat. Comes with comprehensive student and instructor experiment manuals and instructions. In a tough plastic box containing a foam insert with cut-outs for the equipment and featuring a transparent lid. Experiments are set up and performed on the  SEK Base Plate 1000789 (U8408035) so that they are compact but still clear in their layout and objectives.

1 Stand rod with internal and external threads, 400 mm
4 Wooden rods
1 Metal tube, short
1 Pointer/hook
1 Stirrer
1 Steel tube
1 Brass tube
1 Aluminium tube
1 Thermometer without scale, red liquid
2 Thermometers, -10 − 110°C, 1 K, red liquid
1 Capillary tube
1 Bimetal strip with 10-mm stub
10 Round filters
10 Sheets of thermal paper
1 Steel body
1 Lead body
1 Spirit burner
1 Beaker, 100 ml
1 Conical flask, 100 ml
1 Test tube holder with rod attachment
1 Test tube
1 Measuring cylinder, 50 ml
1 Calorimeter with heating filament, 200 ml
1 Rubber stopper with two holes
2 Rubber stoppers with one hole
1 10 g weight with hook
2 Double clamps
1 Bottle of food colouring plus pipette
10 g of table salt
1 Holder for metal beaker
1 Metal beaker, black
1 Metal beaker, aluminium
4 g of glycerine
1 Hose
2 Round gaskets
1 Angle scale
10 Sheets of paper
5 Sheets of aluminium foil

Includes 22 Experiments on the Subject of Heat:
  • Change in the volume of liquids due to heating
  • Calibration of a thermometer
  • Change in the volume of air due to changes in temperature
  • Changes in state of an enclosed volume of air
  • Changes in the length of solid bodies when heated
  • Linear expansion coefficient
  • Investigations using bimetal strips
  • Transfer of heat in solid bodies
  • Transfer of heat in liquids
  • Transfer of heat in gases
  • Radiation of heat
  • Slowing down the transport of heat
  • Temperature changes when liquids are heated
  • Fundamental equation of thermodynamics
  • Mixing water of differing temperatures, temperature of mixture
  • Specific heat capacity of a calorimeter
  • Specific heat capacity of metals
  • Initial temperature of a metal body heated in a flame
  • Conversion of electrical energy into heat
  • Temperature changes when ice melts
  • Specific latent heat of melting ice
  • Boiling and condensation of water
  • Distillation
  • Evaporation of liquids (what it depends on and heat loss due to evaporation)
품번: 1008528 [U8502000]
무게 2.979 kg
치수 45.2 x 33.8 x 18 cm
브랜드 3B Scientific

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