Hydraulic/Pneumatic Lifting Platform

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Lifting Platform, 1003495 [U45053], 압력
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Lifting Platform, 1003495 [U45053], 압력
Complete equipment set for demonstration and practical training such as investigating transmission of hydraulic or pneumatic force, the relationship between force, surface area and pressure as well as verification of Boyle’s law.
A rugged stand holds a cylinder with piston (60 cm³ volume). The lifting platform is positioned on the piston. Various levels of pressure can be exerted on the piston using a system of tubing with 4 simple hand pumps of different volumes. A hose fitting for connection of a pressure sensor required to record measured values with a datalogger is also included.

Specifications: 1
Dimensions: approx. 140 mm Ø x 190 mm
Pump volumes: 3; 6; 12; 20 [cm3]

품번: 1003495 [U45053]
무게 0.461 kg
치수 14.5 x 9 x 17 cm

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