Globe with Bar Magnet

Globe with Bar Magnet, 1013123 [U8495245], 자기장
Globe with Bar Magnet, 1013123 [U8495245], 자기장
Globe of the world with bar magnet along the axis of the poles on acrylic base, for demonstrating the shape of the Earth’s magnetic field.
A compass (U19561) or a magnetic field indicator (U8491900) can be seen to align at the surface of the globe in accordance with a magnetic field parallel to the lines of longitude. The inclination can also be determined using the magnetic field sensor.
Dimensions: 220x160x200 mm³
Diameter (globe): approx. 120 mm
Weight: approx. 340 g
품번: 1013123 [U8495245]
무게 0.34 kg
브랜드 3B Scientific

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